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Easy, handmade rag quilts

All you need is a sewing machine, a washer and dryer, and scissors to cut thread. Hi, I'm Eileen, and I made Simply Brown rag quilt kits for beginners and experienced quilters alike.

Make a cozy quilt for the holidays. Give a unique gift at your next baby shower. Buy a kit for the crafty person you love. Creating an heirloom has never been simpler.

Pigeon Baby Rag Quilt Kit

Now available for a limited time: the Pigeon Baby Rag Quilt Kit. All organic materials, including organic thread.


What’s in the kit?

Pre-fringed rag quilt squares, for one thing. No tedious post-assembly fringe cutting, which can be annoying and time consuming — especially if you have hand or joint pain.

A full list of kit contents, plus assembly instructions, are available on the How To page. These are the same instructions that ship with kits. 

A comfy, anytime quilt

Organic rag quilts are soft, smooth, and fuzzy at the seams — perfect for naps, living room picnics, snuggly story time, and independent reading. Simply Brown rag quilts have a layer of 8oz flannel sandwiched between two decorative outer fabrics. The result is a perfectly weighted, all-season quilt that feels great in your hands and on your lap.


A complete quilt

I wanted Simply Brown rag quilt kits to be complete quilts. The quilting itself (stitching through all three layers) happens as you go along. When your quilt is assembled and washed, you’re done. Some “quilt kits” only provide a quilt top, leaving you to finish the job of buying additional fabric and batting, and then quilting and binding the quilt.


Fun to make

Simply Brown rag quilt kits are great starter quilts for beginners, and fun afternoon projects for experienced quilters. Kits come with straightforward instructions, including several layout options.

I taught elementary school for ten years, so I know how to keep directions short and clear. I have also made many quilts for family and friends, and I have a few tips to share. More about me.


Designer fabrics that match

Skip those hours at the fabric store, searching for patterns that match and deciding how much to buy. Get to the fun part, already! Simply Brown rag quilt kits use 100% organic, professional, heirloom-quality materials — better quality than you'll find in most chain stores, as well as fabric colors and patterns that look beautiful together.